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The Outfit – Minimalist watches

The OutFit is series of blogs focusing on fashion and design. First up is watches.

1. Uniform Wares M37 
£240.00 – Visit website
This watch from London based brand Unifrom Wares is a piece of art. Part of Uniform Ware’s “M-line” collection, it’s contemporary styling is beautifully simple, leaving off everything that isn’t absolutely necessary on a watch face. Even the logo gets dropped, which is a brave move but thanks to it’s unique styling people who need to know will have no problem recognising the brand. I love how the lugs are hidden, and the strap seems to disappear into the main watch body. 37mm diameter and 9.5mm thick, making it a nice chunky watch that will stand out on your wrist. Scratch resistant sapphire glass is used along with a stainless steel body and swiss quartz movement to ensure the quality matches the styling. Each order is checked, hand assembled and set to your timezone (nice touch) at their HQ in London before being sent out.

Uniform wares m37 watch

2. Komono Winston – Blue Cognac.
£60.00 – Visit Website

If you’re looking for a simplistic analog watch, but don’t have the budget to stretch to the watches above, the Komono Winston is a great option. Measuring 41mm with a brushed metal case and leather strap, the design holds its own against the others and for a fraction of the price. I actually have this watch and get lots of compliments about it. It’s nice and lightweight and sits flush against your wrist due to the low profile design. The off centre crown is unusual but a nice touch and the logo follows this design cue and sits angled in place of the 4th hour. The ‘winston’ style is available in a whole host of different colour / strap combinations to suit all tastes.

Komono Winston Cognac Blue Watch Design

3. Mondaine Classic 33mm
£155.00 – Visit Website

4. Tsovet SVT-SC38
$225.00 – Visit Website

Tsovet SVT-SC38 watch


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